5 benefits of improving the hotel guest experience

Lost and Found Timea Takacs May 04, 2020

Frankly, it is essential that hotel managers upgrade their Lost and Found game. A well-maintained procedure is critical for a hotel to improve the guest experience and develop customer loyalty. However, Lost and Found can be a challenging and exhausting procedure that requires overwhelming resources to maintain and to vanish a negative memory from guests' minds.

Do not worry! All this is possible. The solution is to digitalize your Lost and Found procedures. Let's see how.

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5 benefits of a digital Lost and Found solution

1) Time is precious

Lost and Found is a complex procedure that eats up a lot of time. Indeed, it is important to follow up on lost items as it reinforces customer service. On the other hand, it distracts hotel employees from their daily duties, and it can be a pretty time-consuming task.

A digital Lost and Found platform frees up time and effort so that the staff can focus on core competences and make customers experience even better. After all, it saves time and money that could be converted into other services.

2) Seamless experience

Automated Lost and Found creates a win-win for all parties by creating a seamless customer journey.

As an example, the service provided by Faundit  takes over the majority of tasks, thus hotels' Lost and Found operation is organized and controlled with only a few clicks. How easy and convenient is that? Such a tool will be hotel-employees’ best friend. Plus, hotel guests appreciate the early notice and quick return of their personal items - often even before they realize they forgot something.

3) Communicate that guests are the first priority

Some personal items urgently need to be returned to its owner; thus, it is necessary that hotels are reachable and responsive to assist in the situation. However, it is almost impossible as several obstacles play into the picture. As an instance, time difference, delayed schedule of housekeeping, not reachable guests, language barriers, or occupied staff, just to mention a few. Consequently, customers might feel that their problems are ignored or not considered as relevant to the hotel.

By managing Lost and Found online, the guest receives an automatic message of their lost item after being registered. In this way, the guest can be notified just 5 minutes after the lost item was found by the housekeeper.

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A well-managed Lost and Found solution boosts guest loyalty. 

4) High-quality customer service

As a result, such transformation enables hotels to deliver high-profile customer service to its guests. As we know, it is important that guests are satisfied even after the stay. Hotels can also gain better marketing presence, as guests tend to  spread their opinion expressed through feedback and word-of-mouth on the internet and to friends.

5) Long-term profit

Digitalising Lost and Found can have serious positive effects on the whole organisation: it frees up time for employees, boosts guests' loyalty, and releases stress and headache of hotel managers.

A small change can make a huge difference and increase long-term profit for the overall business.

It is possible to turn Lost and Found into a great experience with Faundit.

At Faundit, we have created a digital platform to register lost goods, automatically take care of the return process and all the steps along the way. We free up your time to focus on being more service minded through the provision of a quick and easy way to take care of returning items.

In this way, the hotel staff can focus on current guests and at the same time cherish relationships with previous visitors. This is our religion at Faundit.

Automated Lost and Found  in 3 steps:

  1. The housekeeper finds the lost item.
  2. Register the lost item in less than a minute on the platform (yes, < 1 min.).
  3. Faundit handles everything from contact to delivery.

The result is happy staff & satisfied guests.