Perfect Lost and Found? - The ultimate 8-step guide to boost your Lost and Found experience

automated lost and found Timea Takacs Jun 25, 2020
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Forgetting a personal item can immediately vanish the memory of that perfect holiday in that amazing resort. No matter if the item is considered a valuable possession or not, it might hold sentimental value for our guests.

Lost and Found is neglected in most hotel managements. Yet, it is just as significant element of an outstanding customer service as trained staff, quality food or clean hotel rooms.

To avoid complains and uncomfortable situations that could harm your business, the hotel ought to act quickly and efficiently in order to solve the issue as seamlessly as possible to maintain the guests’ satisfaction. By notifying the guests before they would even recognise that their item is missing, hands down will make them vividly remember to your hotel. Nonetheless, it is proven that well-established Lost and Found management procedures can significantly enhance guest loyalty.

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Being said, a well-planned Lost and Found management ought to be established to eliminate such unsatisfied hotel guest experience.

8 steps for the perfect Lost and Found

  1. Assign a person to manage the hotel's Lost and Found for a better overview over the procedures.
  2. Create transparency and a common understanding regarding the relevance of Lost and Found management among the staff.
  3. Implement an efficient inventory control system (e.g.: numbering systems) that assists in documenting, controlling and managing data.
  4. Document each case and keep track of the status of the items by creating a template. It must include information such as date, time and place of discovery of the item, name of the person found the item and any additional information. Likewise, there has to be a similar, but separated form that stands for the guest inquiry.
  5. Be reachable and accountable. It is crucial to be available and communicative clearly the ongoing procedure to the guest. Make sure that the guests are not frustrated, but feel cared and supported in such situations.
  6. Place the items in a secured area where they can be locked away from any unauthorised access and protect the personal data of your hotel guests accordingly to the GDPR regulations.
  7. Note all the pick-up or delivery transactions and make sure that the owner can prove his/her right.
  8. Make sure that the staff maximises its potential to find or return the lost items to their owners and the guests are satisfied with the service.

Summing up, the implementation of these steps can boost your guest experience and ensure customer engagement. However, Lost and Found is a time-demanding procedure, but fortunately nowadays there are digital companies that offer automated Lost and Found solutions such as Faundit.

+A bonus step: Automated Lost and Found

How to establish an outstanding Lost and Found? The ultimate way to bring your Lost and Found game to its full potential is through automation. Nowadays the majority of tedious tasks can be exchanged to automated solutions, thus your staff can concentrate on other core competences.

Automated Lost & Found enable seamless contact with the guests

5 perks of automated Lost and Found

• Saves great amount of resources of the hotel
• Limit responsibility from the hotel to the guest
• Generates positive reviews
• Significantly reduces errors in the overall process
• Better customer experience and enhances guest loyalty

Faundit offers an easy and convenient way to handle your Lost and Found by providing any communication and transaction between you and your guests. Manage your hotel business more efficiently already today.

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